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Features and improvements

  • Upgrade to Pro on mobile. [You can now upgrade to Pro from any of your devices! Just tap your profile icon and select "Upgrade to Pro." Or, head to the settings and find it under the subscriptions tab.]
  • Discover an improved pre-sign-up experience. [Sign out of your account and check out our beautiful new designs!]
  • Turn off calendar notifications. [You can now turn off calendar notifications for the Gcal integration, so you won't get double notifications for tasks and events. Stay focused with fewer distractions!]

Features and improvements

  • Unlock a new level of PROductivity. 💥[Our Pro plans are now available to everyone. Get access to advanced collaboration, all integrations, and much more. Check out all plans here.]
  • Discover all sidebar tabs in one view. 👀[Many of you told us, that the “More” option in the sidebar was a bit confusing. We thought the same. With today’s release, you can see all available tabs at a single glance.]

Bug busters

  • Improved the performance of large lists. [When opening a list with A LOT of tasks in them, it sometimes took waaay too long to load. We fixed this and it should feel much snappier now.]
  • Rescheduling a repeating task now shows you a small confirmation. [Previously there was no indication whether it has been rescheduled or not. Let us know what you think!]
  • Fixed some text selection issues on iOS and Android.
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