Free forever for individuals

Pricing for

all your needs

Yearly -20%
The start of your 
productivity journey
/ month
The Free plan includes:
Unlimited tasks, notes, and reminders
Unlimited private lists
5 shared lists with up to 5 people
Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft To Do and email forwarding integrations
Email task summarization
Up to 10MB upload & 500MB file storage
Unlock a new level of personal productivity
/ month
That’s $96 yearly
Everything in Free, plus:
Unlimited shared lists
Unlimited shared lists with up to 25 people
Slack, Github, Linear and Figma integrations
Up to 500MB upload & 25GB file storage
AI list creation
Free Team
For smaller teams to 
organize their work
/ member
/ month
Everything in Free, plus:
Up to 5 team members
15 shared lists between team members
Pro Team
Maximize productivity across your entire team
/ member
/ month
$120 per member yearly
Everything in Pro, plus:
Unlimited team members
Everyone in the team will be upgraded to personal Pro too ✨
Unlimited shared lists with team members and guests
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