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Features and improvements

  • Work and personal at the flip of a switch. 👀 [With the newly implemented toggle, you can easily show and hide lists from the sidebar. Just flip the switch for the spaces you want (or don't want) to see. Note: the toggle will also affect the visibility of those lists in the All Lists tab.]
  • Discover 13 new list images. 🖼️ [Remember the Berlin TV Tower from Wunderlist? Well, now you can also have that in Superlist. Oh the nostalgia!]
  • Create new lists directly from your team space. 🤝 [Simply head to your team space and click on New list in the top right corner. The lists will be owned by the team, but only visible to others once you invite them.]
  • Move the ownership of lists to a team space. [Now, every list comes with a handy dropdown menu in the share module at the top. It lets you choose the space or team where the list should belong. Keep in mind: lists stay private by default unless you decide to share them with others.]

Bug busters

  • Improved fonts on the web version. [Fonts now appear a tiny bit thicker and closer to our macOS app.]
  • Better offline detection.
  • Fixed some synchronisation issues. [We are still working on the larger bug some of you have reported. Bear with us. ❤️]
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