Features and improvements

  • Discover the improved navigation in All Tasks [All Tasks now has a new navigation bar that lets you jump through tasks assigned to you, assigned to others, upcoming, and all done tasks. The search option allows you to search all open and completed tasks.]
  • Share and edit options for lists are more consistent.
  • Customize lists with the improved emoji picker.
  • Enjoy a simpler sidebar. [With the new All Tasks navigation bar, we have removed the Completed and Sent tasks option from the sidebar.]
  • Create tasks with no assignee via quick command. [New tasks added via quick command will, by default, have no assignee. If you want to assign a task to yourself or someone else, just type @ and enter their name. ]
  • Assign tasks to yourself without automatically adding them to the Inbox. [Self-assigned tasks will no longer automatically be added to your inbox. If you want to move the tasks to your inbox, right click on the task and Add to inbox.]
  • Add, edit, and interact with links faster. [We’ve given the link menu some long-overdue love, making it easier to open existing links and add your own.]
  • Plan your day with the Today view. [The Today view has been added to the mobile navigation bar to make your daily planning easier.]
  • Edit, paste, and open links in text on mobile. [Simply select the text you want to make clickable and tap the little link icon to add the link. Opening a link in the mobile app will always open your default browser on the device.]
  • Complete tasks faster with larger touch targets.

Bug fixes

  • Font sizes in Settings are more consistent.