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Features and improvements

  • It’s time: invite anyone to Superlist. 📧 [To invite someone to Superlist, click on the settings icon and select Invite friends. Type in the email of the person you’d like to invite and hit send.]
  • Sync your Microsoft To Do content. 👋 [You can now sync all your To Do content to Superlist. Check out more details here.]
  • Sharing a list is now more transparent. 🤝 [When a list is shared, you will now receive a small confirmation notification within the app.]
  • Drag files from your desktop. [You can now attach files or images by dragging & dropping them from your desktop. Smooooth. 🧈]
  • Copy & paste images from web into a list.
  • Mentioning, adding labels and changing content types in lists just got a major upgrade. [When creating a task on a list, you can now use @- to assign a task and #- to add a label. To change the content type you can now also use / + typing the content type, instead of manually having to select from the menu.]
  • Task details are now only a swipe away. 🤌 [Simply swipe from right to left to open the task details.]

Bug busters

  • Bottom sheets are now scrollable.
  • Tapping on a link list now opens it correctly.
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