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Features and improvements

  • Superlist goes web. 👀 [Head over to and enjoy the Superlist web app experience. Let us know what you think!]
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Invite your team to Superlist. 🤝 [Get a first look at our Teams feature. Create your first team, invite team members and share lists with your entire team at the push of a button. To get started, simply click on the settings icon and select New team.]
  • Discover our re-designed sidebar. 🪄 [With this update, lists no longer have to be part of a section. We have also made changes to how you can browse and create lists and sections.]

Bug busters

  • Deleting a block by pressing backspace now works.
  • Removed the blue divider line upon hovering.
  • Fixed a markdown issue. [Selecting bold/ italic/ strikethrough now works on selected text.]
  • CMD+N no longer shows “task not found” screen.
  • Android: Task titles no longer shake. [This occurred when tasks titles with multiple lines where edited.]
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