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Features and improvements

  • Discover a faster way to add due dates. 🤝 [You no longer need to click the "Done" button in popovers when setting a due date or reminder; it will be automatically selected upon choosing the date.]
  • Say hello to our new Unsplash integration. 👋 [Lists and Team cover images can now be customized using images directly from Unsplash.]
  • Quickly add a new task to the inbox. [You can now quickly add a task to the inbox by hitting command ⌘ + N on macOS and ctrl + N on the web version.]
  • New shortcuts to navigate the main tabs on the sidebar. [With the latest release, you can use command ⌘ + 1-5 to navigate between the Inbox, Today, Tasks, Messages, and Lists tab. Check out all shortcuts here.]
  • Move a task to another list with a new keyboard shortcut. [Simply hit command ⌘ + shift + M when you are on a task and select the list you would like to move the task to. On the web version this would be control + shift + M.]

Bug busters

  • Creating several tasks on a list will no longer show an error message.
  • Renaming collapsed sections on the sidebar is fixed.
  • Typing the letter "C" on Mac now works as expected.
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