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Features and improvements

  • Setting a task to Next week got an upgrade. [Many of you mentioned, that this option should by default set the task due next Monday, instead of 7 days later. We thought the same way and made the change. Let us know if this feels better now!]
  • Sorting by due date orders tasks by due date. [When sorting tasks in the Inbox, Today or Tasks tab by due date, they will now appear in order of the due date instead of creation date.]
  • Entering a URL and hitting return automatically makes it clickable.
  • Japanese character input is now supported! [Thanks to our Japanese users for flagging this. It took us a while, but it should work now. Let us know.]
  • Opening a list from All Lists opens it in the middle pane.

Bug busters

  • Fixed a sync issue in lists. [Using emojis such as 🔴 or 🟡 previously causes sync issues in lists. This should no longer be an issue.]
  • Using CMD+K now works as expected. [Using CMD+K to quickly capture a task from anywhere now keeps Superlist in focus. This means, that you can use CMD+K over and over again without having to re-focus on the app.]
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the app wouldn’t show on smaller screens. [For example, with an iPhone SE the reminder time picker would be cut out. This was adjusted and you now see everything you should see.]
  • The Done button on the Teams page has been fixed.
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