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We've got wunderful news: Today, we're releasing Superlist 1.0 – the new home to all your lists. 💥

To-do lists, shopping lists, reading lists, playlists…we all work with lists every day. 

Superlist brings a modern approach to organizing your work, seamlessly blending personal and professional tasks so you can get it all done in one place. It’s integrated with all the tools you already love to use to keep your life in sync. And our powerful AI features make going through your to do’s much faster and easier, giving you the ultimate luxury in today's fast-paced world: More time to focus on what really matters.

Superlist 1.0 is just the beginning. We have plenty of exciting features in the pipeline, but with this release, we’re ready to get new eyes on the product (and of course, to make it possible for all of our old Wunderlist users to take Superlist for a spin!)

With today's release, we are also bringing two very exciting features to Superlist:

  • MAKE it magic! 🪄 [Sometimes the hardest part about getting things done is to get started. Make makes that a lot easier (pun intended). Simply click on the Make button and tell us what list or project you want to get started on. Make will take care of the rest. 💥]
  • Floating sidebar ☁ [You can now easily hide and show the sidebar in our macOS and web app. One step closer to focussing on what really matters! To hide the sidebar click on the Sidebar icon in the top left corner. Moving the cursor towards the left will show the sidebar again. Once the sidebar is hidden, it is now possible to resize the app to only show the list you are currently working on and nothing else. 👀]

P.S. Don't forget to vote for us on Product Hunt!

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