Features and improvements

  • Set your tasks to repeat every 3 days, 6 weeks, or 9 months...
  • Forward emails from any email account and turn them into tasks. [Connect any email address to the email forwarding system via settings.]
  • Tasks created from forwarded emails now come with attachments.
  • Experience improved summarization in your forwarded or starred emails.
  • Hitting backspace from the first row in a list takes you straight to the title.
  • Make the most of the Today view, now enhanced with a tutorial banner. [This tutorial banner links to a page on our Knowledge Base with all the deets on how to make the most out of this view.]
  • Edit tasks like a wiz with new shortcuts for labels and due dates. [Use shortcuts to add a task to the Inbox, set the due date to today, remove due date, remove assignees, or remove labels. You can find a list of all shortcuts here]
  • Our MacOS app is now optimized for both Apple and Intel chipsets.
  • Create tasks directly from any website or text by sharing it from your phone.

Bug fixes

  • No more error messages when adding tasks to lengthy lists.
  • Tasks appear in the right sort section, be it today, yesterday, or tomorrow.
  • Gently squashed a bug 🐛 with description texts in the repeating tasks menu.