Features and improvements

  • Create repeating tasks for recurring things you do. [Access repeating tasks from the due date icon. Choose an interval for how often tasks should repeat. When repeating tasks are completed, the task gets reopened with a new due date based on the chosen interval. Task content remains the same.]
  • Create tasks automatically from emails by forwarding to Superlist. [Enable the feature in Integrations. Send an email to from your account’s email address to create the task. It will then appear in your Superlist Inbox with the email’s subject line as the title and body as the task details.]
  • Hide completed tasks from lists to focus on what’s due next. [Enable the setting from the three-dot menu in lists. The setting syncs across all your devices but doesn’t affect other list members.]
  • Outline your task details with new text formatting options. [You can now add H3s, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and divider lines to task details. Access the formatting options by typing “/” or clicking the handle left of the task.]
  • Download, delete, and replace file attachments more easily. [Use long press to access the functions on mobile and right-click to access the functions on desktop.]  
  • Automatically add clickable URLs in task detail paragraphs. [Typing a URL in a paragraph text will now automatically make the URL clickable. You no longer have to add the link manually.]
  • Open task details with a single click. [Directly clicking on the task title still allows you to edit the title’s text.]
  • Delete the last typed word by pressing Option+Backspace.

Bug fixes

  • Typing “-” now creates bulleted lists with correct bullet points.
  • Offline screen now includes a “Retry” button to reconnect to the app. [The offline screen occasionally appears after turning on a device. Full offline support can be expected in future updates of the app.]
  • Assigning an Inbox task to someone now automatically removes that task from your Inbox.
  • Deleting a list you’re currently viewing no longer prompts a “List not found” screen to appear, now redirects you to your Inbox.
  • Blue speech bubble icon that signifies unread comments is now displayed correctly and visible.
  • Selecting the “Blackout” appearance theme in Settings now works.
  • Right-click now allows you to leave a list in Lists.
  • Android-only: Marking a task as done no longer interrupts audio from other apps with a check-off sound.
  • Back button now appears on Lists and Tasks screens to navigate to previous views.