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Features and improvements

Mac + Web
  • Quickly add new tasks in lists. ✚[A lot of you have been telling us how complicated it is to add content and tasks to a list with existing tasks on it. We felt the same way... for this reason, you will now see a small grey line upon hovering over list content, that allows you to quickly add new content. Let us know how that feels!]
  • Content indicator position was adjusted. [After the latest release we received your feedback that the content indicator position felt off to many of you. This version includes a newly positioned indicator, that should feel more natural.]
  • Leave a five star rating. ❤️ [If you are loving Superlist, you can now leave a rating for us in the app store directly from your settings menu. Just click on your profile icon and select the rating option. We appreciate the love!]

Bug busters

  • When sharing a list the content is now displayed correctly. [We fixed the issue, where sharing, un-sharing and then re-sharing a list would causes issues with the list content.]
  • Re-adding team members to a list is fixed. [Previously this may have caused issues with the access levels. It should feel smoother now.]
  • Loading speed improvement for lists with lots of content. [Opening lists with a large amount of completed, uncompleted, or hidden completed tasks is now faster.]
Mac + Web
  • Accessing the dropdown menu when typing the /-command is fixed.
  • Copy and paste on the web app now works.
  • Longer team names are now displayed correctly.
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