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Features and improvements

  • Improved natural language processing functionalities for an even faster experience. [You can now use triggers such as “Before next week...” or “end of week…” to be more precise about deadlines. Additionally, we have also made it even simpler to add frequent dates, such as today and tomorrow: now all it takes is to write “tod” for today and “tom” for tomorrow. Superlist will do the rest! Last but not least, we have now also enabled NLP in the task details. Happy typing!]
  • Take better notes with additional inline markdown options. [Text can now be styled by using the * and ~ options for italic, bold, and strikethrough respectively.]
  • Split tasks when pressing enter. [This allows you to break up longer task titles into multiple tasks. Especially useful when converting notes into tasks!]

Bug fixes

  • Emojis in Make responses don’t cause sync issues anymore.
  • Typing multiple messages now shows them without delay.
  • Cmd+x works in all text fields now.
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