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Features and improvements

  • Natural language processing is finally here. [Today, we are shipping on of the most anticipated features: natural language processing. Now you can simply type due dates in task titles and it will automatically transform into the desired due date. NLP works across quick command on desktop, task input field in the Inbox and Today tab, and in all other task title fields. You can type words (e.g. today), numerical dates (e.g. 05/06/2024), but also more complex dates, such as “every two weeks on Monday”. Once you have typed the date, a popover will appear with a suggestion. Pressing return will confirm the selection and remove the typed text.]
  • Changes to the due date popover behaviour. [Some of you told us that the due date popover disappears to quickly when selecting a date. For this reason, the popover now only closes immediately when selecting one of the three quick select options Today, Tomorrow or Next week. For all other scenarios, it will remain open.]
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