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Features and improvements

  • Moving tasks around just got a whole lot easier. 👏 [Many of you told us how difficult it was to move tasks between lists, specifically on our mobile app… we heard you! With today’s release you can simply long press on the task you’d like to move and select the “Move to list” option. On web and desktop, you’d have to right click on the task.]
  • Markdown for headings has arrived. 😱 [Headings can now also be italic, bold, or strikethrough. Simply select the heading you’d like to adjust and select from the little popover menu.]
  • Toggling off a workspace now shows a small animation. 💨 [Before the lists affected would just be hidden instantly, making it hard to view which ones belong to the workspace. Now there will be a small animation before they get hidden.]

Bug busters

  • Today, Inbox, and Tasks now also load when offline.
  • Fixed an issue where task titles in Inbox were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed some broken keyboard shortcuts. [For example, CMD+D, CTRL+T now work as expected again.]
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the content type selector would not react.
  • Fixed an issue with entering Korean characters.
  • Creating tasks on Samsung devices works smoothly now.
  • Ukrainian character ї is now displayed correctly in list titles.
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