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Features and improvements

  • Discover our new mobile bottom bar. [Discover our new, cleaned up bottom bar. Now you have three options to choose from: home screen, quick create, and the newly released Updates view. Tapping on the home button on the left brings you to the familiar sidebar. Quick create brings a new super-fast way to create tasks and lists. The Updates view is the new go-to-place for all your notifications and replaces the former Messages tab. Additionally, you now have quick access to search and settings directly from the top of the screen.]
  • Quickly create tasks and lists on mobile. [Today, we are releasing our new quick create feature for the mobile app. By tapping the + on the bottom you can now quickly create tasks, add a due date, assignee etc. or do the same for lists. Speed up your workflow and give it a try!]
  • See all your updates and notifications in one view. [Staying on top of everything just got easier. Our new Updates view shows you all of your notifications in one place. No more messaging to check with your team “What’s the status on ___???” – quickly see what's going on and check task status. You can find out more about the Updates view in this article. Please note, that Updates replaces the former Messages tab across all platforms.]
  • Use a Blockquote text type on lists. [Simply type “/” and select Blockquote or use the content type editor to select this option.]
  • Turn off task completion sounds. [Head into settings > features and turn off all sounds.]
  • Delete messages on tasks. [Many of you told us it was suboptimal not being able to delete messages. With today’s release you can simply right click / long press a message to delete it. Let us know how that feels.]
  • Create tasks directly from the Tasks tab on mobile. [To create a task, click on the + on the bottom right. We will soon release this improvement for all other platforms.]
  • Open a parent task or list directly from the task detail view. [Just click on the displayed task or list title to be redirected. Please note that this is only live on desktop and web as of now.]
  • Mark text as strikethrough on desktop. [We have added the option to use CMD+Shift+X or CTRL + Shift + X to mark text as strikethrough for the desktop and web apps.]
  • Use the quick command via shortcut on the web app. [With this release you can also use CMD + K or CTRL + K to quickly create tasks via the web app.]
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