Features and improvements

  • Sign-up to Superlist effortlessly using any email address. [In addition to Google's Authenticator, you can now magic link your way into your account with your preferred email.]
  • Click the blue line to create a new task anywhere in a list. [Click the blue line to create a new task anywhere within a list, unless it's shadowed by a preceding paragraph.]
  • Fine-tune your settings directly in the mobile app. [One tap on your avatar, and you're ready to tweak account and integration settings to your liking.]

Bug busters

  • No more errors while editing a list on a poor connection.
  • A tap on a task's metadata conveniently selects the task. [We've ditched the desktop-like behavior, where each element, such as the assignee or labels, was individually clickable. Now the entire task can be tapped, bringing up the metadata just above your keyboard for easy access and editing.]
  • For Android lovers: Unordered lists are now fully functional. [We've squashed that pesky bug that made the 'Enter' key a silent spectator. Now, feel the satisfaction of creating new bullet points with every tap on 'Enter'.]