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Features and improvements

  • Navigate Tasks using the improved tab bar. [The tab bar in Tasks has improved responsiveness and design to make it easier for you to navigate through your tasks.]
  • Delete unwanted tasks quickly using backspace. [To delete tasks using backspace, open Inbox and place your cursor in the task title. Press backspace once and you’ll see a checkmark. Press backspace again to delete the task.]
  • Access quick command faster using Command + K
  • Add dates and labels from the task details screen. [You can now edit fields like due date, label, and assignee from the header area in the new action bar. You no longer have to tap into the individual sections to edit.]
  • Rename sections in the sidebar.

Bug fixes

  • Newly received lists no longer mistakenly appear as starred by default.
  • Black screen not shown when closing the app using 'X' button while in fullscreen.
  • Filtering Tasks search field by "C" now works.
  • Android-only: Return now creates a new task and no longer creates a line break.
  • Android-only: Back button behavior fixed across different scenarios.
  • Android-only: Drag-and-drop now works for lists.
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