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Features and improvements

  • Format text blocks using markdown. [Type the markdown at the beginning of a node to create specific formatting e.g. type - for a bullet list. See all shortcuts here.]
  • Automatically summarize the contents of an email into actionable tasks. [AI-generated summaries will appear in the task details. Applies to any tasks generated from an email integration. Access the feature in the Integrations section of Settings.]
  • Navigate the new Tasks tab bar. [Options have been rearranged to put the search button first.]
  • Attached files are now included in tasks created from Gmail. [Any attachments from the email will appear in the task details.]
  • Add shorter URLs as clickable links without using a prefix. [Shorter URLs like without “www.” or “https://” will be recognized and made clickable.]
  • Navigate an improved Lists screen. [The star button is now bigger. List information and list titles are aligned.]
  • Turn automatic task creation in the Linear integration on or off.
  • Download, replace, or delete file attachments and images when using a mobile keyboard. [When you've selected an attachment in a list, your options appear in an action bar above the mobile keyboard.]

Bug fixes

  • Shared lists are now visible and accessible to users who have left and rejoined a list.
  • "Leave a message..." in task details now remains selected so users can type multiple messages without re-selecting the input field.
  • Keyboards now correspond to the user's Light or Dark theme selection for the app.
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