Features and improvements

  • Enjoy consistency and additional sorting options in All Tasks [We’ve revamped the All Tasks view to make it more consistent with our Inbox and Today views. Now, you can enjoy additional sorting options, easier keyboard navigation, and an altogether nicer look and feel.]
  • Turn subtasks into parent tasks. [Right-click or long-press on a subtask to remove it from its current task and let it stand on its own. Any subtasks-turned-tasks can be found under All Tasks.]
  • Quickly check or uncheck tasks with Command + D. [Now you can select any task and mark it as complete (or incomplete) with Command + D.]
  • Open a task’s detail view with Command + Return.
  • Set your preferred window size and position. [Upon restart, Superlist will go back to its most recent size and position.]
  • Customize lists from your phone. [Tap the three-dot menu at the top of any list to customize it. Add an emoji and pick a cover image (or upload your own).]

Bug fixes

  • Lists and tasks support emoji input. [Prefer to speak the language of ✅, 🏃, and ✏️? Well, don’t let us stop you! Now, when working in Superlist, type Control + Option + Command to search and add emoji.]
  • App shouldn’t get stuck on loading screen after waking your Mac.
  • Login screen is now optimized for smaller devices.
  • iOS-only: Cursor can be repositioned in task details by long-pressing.
  • Android-only: Tasks can be added via plus button after creating a list.