We’re building the future of to-dos.

Made for teams, designed for people.

Being productive isn’t the essence of why we work hard. Rather, productivity is a proxy for something else, something we all long for. As humans, we give our best to get recognition, to feel a true sense of accomplishment, and to be proud of our achievements.

Productivity is a feeling, and Superlist aims to make it a positive one. Our focus is on the human side of productivity, because we understand that all work, whether by individuals or a team, is done by humans — by people like you and me. And if each person within a team is empowered to be successful, the team will thrive as well.

We believe the key for success is people having all the tools they need to organize, integrate, and humanize their work. Hence, Superlist is made for teams, but designed for people.

A space for all your work

As our at-work and at-home lives overlap more and more, we switch between personal and business contexts many times throughout the day.

We set out to build a tool that reflects this new reality: Superlist is designed to be a place where all work — whether personal or business — can live. It’s simple and intuitive to use, but under the hood, it offers powerful, new collaboration features for teams.

We want our users to be in control at all times, so everything we do in Superlist is private by design. Tasks, lists, and notes are only shared once you feel ready to share them, and it’s easy to organize things in a way that keeps your private life and work separate.

Integrates into your routine

We all have our routines, and we use different tools to work, to communicate, and to schedule meetings. Superlist is designed to enhance — not replace — our routines. We want to be more productive without changing how we work.

That’s why integrations are a fundamental part of how we think about a modern product like Superlist: In an ideal world, you never open Superlist. Through integrations, your to-dos are collected in one place, they’re updated as they progress, and they’re checked off when they’re complete. And with contextual reminders, you always know what to focus on next.

We want to be smart without being patronizing. And while some of what we want to achieve is being fine-tuned, much of it’s already possible today.

A tool made for humans

Lastly, we know that work is built around interactions. In today's remote or hybrid setups, we can’t interact with one another on a personal level as much, so each tool needs to cater to these moments of personal exchange and delight. We can’t replace in-person interaction, but we’re exploring new ways to make task management fun — to compensate for that high five you’d get in the real world when you get something done, or to allow for a more personal way to ask each other for help.

We’re excited to build the future of work organization.

The Superlist team

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