Task time-savers & mobile updates

Mar 15, 2023

Features and improvements:

  • Remove pending users after sending a list invitation. [Typos happen to the best of us. If you send an invite to the wrong email address (or if you change your mind), you can remove pending collaborators from the share menu.]
  • Remove tasks from the inbox when you drag them into a list. [Previously, inbox tasks dragged onto a list would remain in the inbox. Want to keep your tasks in both spots? Just right-click a task and select Add to Inbox.]
  • Add subtasks with one less click. [Now — just like with lists — tasks are the default block type in the task details view.]
  • Sort inbox tasks by labels.

💻 Desktop:

  • Double-click tasks to open task details. [Now, double-clicking on a task tile will open its detail view. This works with tasks in your inbox and lists and subtasks in details views. If you want to edit a task, just single-click the task tile, double-click the title text, or double-click an already selected task.]
  • Keep a draft of newly entered inbox tasks. [Previously, if you didn't press Return right after entering an inbox task, you'd lose the draft task. Now, clicking on the New task input field will show your most recent draft, so you can finish editing it before pressing Return.]
  • Learn the quick command shortcut with an updated entry point. [With quick command, you can create Superlist tasks, even when the app is minimized: Just type Shift + Option Space. Now, if you ever forget this shortcut, the updated quick command button will remind you.]

📱 Mobile:

  • See cut, copy, and paste options when selecting text or blocks.
  • Drag and drop content and tasks within a list. (iOS only)
  • Mention collaborators in task messages.
  • Add tasks to lists or detail views with a quick add button.
  • Checkbox sizes are nice and consistent across views.

Bug fixes:

💻 Desktop:

  • Quick command tasks can be created after removing the source.
  • Cut shortcut won't break a task's detail view. [Previously, typing Command + X to cut content from a task title would trigger an error, making the task's detail view inaccessible.]

📱 Mobile: 

  • All pop-up menus will close after logging out.
  • Tab bar and sidebar are visible after creating an account.
  • Tab bar and back buttons are visible after tapping on push notification.
  • Quick add button will stay out of view when keyboard is open.
  • Deleting the list you're viewing will redirect you to the sidebar.
  • Metadata shown while creating a new task is now optimized for mobile.