List sharing and more

Feb 15, 2023

Features and improvements

  • Invite up to five new list collaborators. [Beta testers now have five invites for Superlist, so you can start working on lists with friends or coworkers. All your collaborator needs is a Google Account and a Mac computer.]
  • Give your dock a glow-up. [Next time you open Superlist, our app will glow in your dock while we load your lists and tasks.]

Bug fixes

  • List content won’t temporarily disappear when resizing the app.
  • All Lists view will load lists right away. [In some cases, All Lists wouldn’t load if you'd recently received a list invite.]
  • Mini list in the Menu Bar no longer has a black border. [We’ve also fixed the border around the quick command menu. Next up, we’ll be refreshing the Mini list to match your inbox.]
  • Spacing between text in numbered and bulleted lists has been reduced.
  • Delete key will not accidentally delete task in the line below. [Now, deleting space above a task will move content up one row.]