Bug fixes and finesse

Feb 1, 2023


  • Get notified when newly assigned tasks reach your inbox. [Now, when someone assigns a task to you, we’ll add a small indicator next to Inbox so you can take a closer look.]

Bug fixes:

  • Command + A shortcut will only highlight the currently selected block. [Typing it a second time will select all content in the list.]
  • Superlist app for Slack suggests task titles much faster.
  • Superlist’s default window width is now 1280px, instead of 960px.
  • Quick command button copy has been updated for clarity.
  • Filtering has been temporarily removed from All tasks. [You can still search for task titles or use our sorting options.]
  • Characters that require multiple keys, like å, î, and é, can be typed again. Olé!
  • Subtask indicator color matches other metadata, like labels and due dates.