Better errors and other fixes

Mar 2, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Task input field in inbox stays focused after adding a new task.
  • Task details can be edited after deleting a subtask. [After right-clicking to delete a subtask, Superlist wouldn’t allow additional edits to the task details view. Now, you can delete and edit to your heart’s content.]
  • New error message is shown when signing up with an unapproved email address. [During our beta, each email is individually approved. If you try to sign up with the incorrect email, you’ll see an error message reminding you to check your original invite.]
  • New error message is shown when uploading a file greater than 25 MB.
  • Pressing Return in the invite menu will send an invite to eligible email addresses. [Previously, when sharing a list, pressing Return would enter a line break in the email input field. Now, you can send invites without the extra mouse click.]
  • Improved syncing when Superlist is left open while Mac is asleep. [Sometimes, after a period of inactivity, the app wouldn’t reconnect with the server, meaning changes to tasks and couldn’t wouldn’t sync properly. Now, in this scenario, Superlist should automatically reconnect. If you still run into an issue where changes aren’t synced, please reach out to]